We are a new start-up with a big vision. To be the World’s Premier CBD Beauty & Wellness Lifestyle Brand. We are pioneering the production of the finest collection of high-quality, premium CBD infused products that provide natural healing for your MIND, BODY & SOUL.

We LOVE CBD & BEAUTY. We are PASSIONATE about HEALTH & WELLNESS. Most importantly, We are OBSESSED about producing products that will help our customers LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD & LIVE GOOD! Our mission is simple. To help you LIVE THE ‘GOOD’ LIFE.

We believe CBD is a GAME-CHANGER for the Beauty & Wellness industry. We aren’t here to just play the game. We are here to change and DISRUPT THE GAME.




Our Founder, Derrick, first started using CBD to help with a serious medical condition. Being an active, health-conscious and driven technology executive, Derrick was determined to discover a NATURAL REMEDY that could help improve and treat his health issue.

Our Co-Founder Michaele, a Beauty and Skincare aficionado, discovered the benefits of CBD to help treat a very severe sunburn. Amazed by the natural healing ability of topical CBD, she began incorporating it into her regular beauty and skin care routine and using CBD Oil to help treat her occasional bouts of anxiety. 

INSPIRED and invigorated by the benefits experienced from CBD to help HEAL their own MIND, BODY & SOUL, our founders decided to embark on a NEW QUEST, to launch a Health & BEAUTY company that would help others discover the remarkable healing benefits and power of CBD to help alleviate their STRAINS OF LIFE.

From our teams own personal PAINS & STRAINS came a new PASSION & PURPOSE - S•O•L

Our team passionately believes that CBD is one of the most exciting and important breakthroughs to occur in health & natural healing of our lifetime. We are committed to developing the highest-quality CBD-infused products to help improve and transform our customers lives.

Our QUEST is just beginning. We’d be HONORED if you’d JOIN OUR MOVEMENT.



Our CBD INFUSED beauty products bring powerful anti-oxidants and nutrients to RENEW, REPAIR & REJUVENATE your skin and provide a BEAUTIFUL, YOUTHFUL, RADIANT GLOW. Our CBD beauty collection has been carefully formulated to combine CBD with some of the most advanced and sought after beauty super ingredients such as Vitamin C, Retinol, Collagen, Dead Sea Mud, Apple Stems and many others to help you with anti-aging, hydration, inflammation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne psoriasis, and eczema. S•O•L is the secret to BEAUTIFUL RADIANT SKIN FOR LIFE.


We offer a wide array of CBD wellness products that compliment our beauty line to not only help you look good on the outside, but also help you feel good on the inside.

S•O•L CBD Oil & Capsules help supplement your body's Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS) to ENHANCE and BOOST your health & wellness and provide natural healing for your mind, body & soul. Our CBD helps regulate key body functions such as pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, sleep and appetite to help you look good, feel good and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW.

S•O•L WATER infuses the proven health benefits of pure alkaline water with the natural healing power of hemp CBD to create a delicious, all-natural, low calorie and functional WELLNESS WATER to Refresh, Restore and Revitalize you.


S•O•L is a lifestyle and way of life – THE GOOD LIFE. Our mission is to help you LOOK good. FEEL good and LIVE good. Our stylish and signature apparel and accessories featuring the S•O•L 'FLOWER OF LIFE' brand is the embodiment and iconic symbol of the S•O•L lifestyle.

We are building a proud, passionate and active global COMMUNITY of S•O•L enthusiasts from ALL walks of life, united together by ONE LOVE, CBD, and its ability to provide natural healing for your MIND, BODY & SOUL.


We are committed to being the industry leader in quality, innovation and social responsibility and will constantly strive to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers, retail partners, and affiliates.

Our focus on integrating the power CBD with other clinically proven ingredients sets our product line apart from other CBD beauty and wellness companies in the industry.

You will find high concentrations of these natural ingredients: Antioxidants, botanicals, essential oils, fruit extracts, marine bioactives, minerals and witamins.

Our products are free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, artificial perfumes, dyes, preservatives or GMO ingredients. No animal ingredients or testing.


We believe in supporting causes that are important to us and our customers. We have established the S•O•L CARES FOUNDATION, which we will contribute 3% of our net profits on an annual basis in order to provide funds to charitable causes aligned with the S•O•L mission to help heal the world and improve and change people’s lives.

S•O•L has decided to support Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) and focus 100% of our charitable donations in 2019 on one of the most significant health and wellness challenges that has impacted our company and many of our customers personally – Finding A Cure To Cancer.


Stand Up To Cancer funds and develops the newest and most promising cancer treatments to help patients today. SU2C dramatically accelerates the rate of new discoveries by connecting top scientists in unprecedented collaborations to create breakthroughs. SU2C innovations lead to better cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, which means that we can help save lives now.

S•O•L like SU2C believe’s that humanity stands at a tipping point in the struggle against cancer. Lifesaving discoveries are within our grasp, unfolding at research centers across the country and around the world. We believe that CBD, and the natural healing powers that it posses, has the potential to be a game-changer in helping to treat and cure cancer. We hold ourselves accountable to help push the course of research toward revolutionary breakthroughs that can save lives, now and in the future.


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